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Business Intelligence Tools and Education

Links Insight provides powerful business intelligence tools and meaningful education for public golf facilities of all types, sizes and management structures. Links Insight education provides owners and management with meaningful data to support key strategic decisions and a clear understanding of its use and application. Our goal is to empower more effective leadership and help your entire team produce better results.    

  • The Benchmarking Platform
    Benchmarking is how successful golf course owners and operators quantify and measure their business performance.  Since no two facilities are exactly alike, Links Insight provides a standardized methodology for gathering, tracking, reporting, and comparing golf facility metrics that matter most and allows each department manager to analyze their business segment and improve their indvidual performance.  Finance, Management, Golf Operations, Food & Beverage, Sales and Marketing and Maintenance will all benefit from the tools and resources provided by Links Insight.     

  • Strategic Planning
    It's difficult to plan for the future without a complete understanding of the current state of your business, the market, and the environment in which you operate. Links Insight provides the analytical tools you need to understand your business and clearly define the factors influencing it. We support the strategic planning process by performing a comprehensive benchmark assessment that takes the guesswork out of running your business and gives you the accurate, relevant data you need to support critical decisions.

  • Facility and Industry Education 
    We offer customized educational sessions suitable for individual facilities or portfolios, regional groups, association chapters and section groups.  We tailor each session to meet the needs of the individual audience and the objectives of the meeting organizers.  

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