Facility Presentations & Consulting

Links Insight facility presentations provide powerful insight for owners, operators, managers and department heads of non-private golf facilities. Our objective is to provide each facility with insight that leverages the collective data and wisdom from the industry to aid in strategic decision making.   

  • Fact-based understanding of what drives the facility financially
  • Deeper understanding and analysis of sales channels
  • Relative market strength against a defined competitive set of facilities and or peer group
  • Pin-Point areas of opportunity through analysis of revenue and expenses
  • Detailed department-level benchmarks can be used to help facilities develop more strategic budgets and operational goals
  • Fact-based insights can neutralize the pull of strong personalities and align owners, operators and managers around a common set of goals.   

Our team will use the Links Insight platform to present a custom analysis of your facility's position relative to defined peer clusters and the industry at large. Our interactive presentations are typically 90 minutes followed by a detailed question and answer session.

To discuss a presentation for your group, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.