Fact-Based Education for the Golf Industry

Links Insight Co-Founder and CEO, Kirk Pagenkopf is well known for developing and executing industry educational platforms and programs.  Kirk has conducted hundreds of National, Regional and Local Industry conferences focused on the business of golf, golf operations, merchandising and the art and science of sales and marketing.  Armed with the tools and resources of Links Insight provides new opportuities to integrate 25+ years of golf industry experience with meaningful and actionable data. Other members of the Links Insight Team bring decades of golf facility, hospitality and golf resort, as well as general industry experience to the educational process allowing Links Insight to deliver education that drives results.  

#1 Set The Course For Strategic Planning

In a dynamic and volitale marketplace, strategic planning is more important than ever. While each facility is a unique business, there are key performance indicators that are relevant to all businesses. Knowing where your facility stands against the market allows each facility to set their own course.  Guiding you along this course is relevant data, context, and meaningful insights that in the end will help you drive great revenues and net income.  

#2 Performance Improvement through Data-Driven Decision Making

Access to reliable third party data allows management to take opinion off the table, focus on the facts and track performance to achieve the desire results. Managers armed with the facts can take the lead on problem analysis and decision-making efforts to improve overall facility performance.

* Custom Sessions: Our educational offerings are continuously evolving, influenced in large part by feedback from experienced golf industry professionals. If you have thoughts about a presentation for your group that differs from those listed above, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Examples include:

  • Financial Insight – A Strategic View of Financial Performance

  • Club Finances (income statement and balance sheet) Analysis and Discussion

  • Food and Beverage Benchmarking Analysis and Discussion

  • Course Maintenance and Golf Operations Benchmarking Analysis and Discussion