Benefits for Every Member of the Team

 See what Links Insight can do for you...

  • General Manager/ CEO

    Why Leadership Depends on Links Insight

    Imagine an affordable management tool that makes it quick and easy to measure what matters and helps you keep the entire leadership team focused. Here are just a few reasons why GMs love Links Insight.

    • Use the most accurate club industry data available to make more confident decisions and elevate fact over opinion 
    • Align your management team and staff around the the key performance indicators that correlate to financial and operational success
    • Put the financial significance of each department in perspective and focus time and attention where it matters most.  
    • Back up your experience and validate strong management performance with credible third party data
  • CFO's & Controllers

    Why CFOs and Controllers Love Links Insight

    Start with 24/7 online access to a centralized database of club industry information and automated graphical reports that are ready to go in seconds. Here's a few more reasons why so many controllers count on Links Insight.

    • Be the trusted internal advisor and provider of credible third party data for the owners, operators and management team. Links Insight makes you the go-to source for essential information.

    • See and understand what's really driving your club's financial performance and get the graphical support to communicate what you know. 

    • Back up your accounting expertise with the best business intelligence tool available.

    • Get back the hours you currently spend creating reports and presentations and put an end to the dozens of industry surveys you complete each year. Enter your data in one place and you're done!

  •  Independent Third Party Data

    Reliable 3rd Party Data

    Reliable third party data to validate your internal data and reporting.  Links Insight provides Municipalities with tools and resources that make monthly, quarterly and year end reporting as simple as pushing a button.  
    Links Insight provides all of the tools needed to measure the performance of your facility against other like facilities in the local market or across the country.  
    • Third Party - Independent Reporting
    • Generate accurate financial reports for all aspects of your business
    • Illustrate the success/challenge in various departments by using comp-set analysis
    Take the guess work out of how your facility compares to other like facilities and identify areas for performance enhancement or cost reductions.  
  • Facility Owners & Management Companies

     Get the Links Insight Strategic Advantage

    Imagine an affordable business intelligence tool that gives you 24/7 online access to the most accurate club industry data available. There are a lot of reasons to love Links Insight.

    • Insight: Comprehensive data allows you to understand what your competition is doing and what's really driving the market.

    • Clarity: Graphical reports and comparisons make it easy to communicate strategy and performance goals to your management team.

    • Accountability: Clear, measurable targets improve accountability.

    • Profitability: Clear charts and graphs show you opportunities for revenue growth and expense control.

  • Meaningful Data to Help You Grow The Game of Golf

    To know where you are going - It helps to know where you have been

    Before you can grow your business, you need to understand your business.  Links Insight provides the tools and resources needed to understand your business better and take the guess work out of making key growth of the game decisions.  
    • Work more successfully with your sales and marketing team
    • Understand the value of specific sales channels
      • Group versus non group business 
      • Tour Operators
      • Wholesalers
      • On-Line Sales Channels
      • Tee-Time Aggregators like GolfNow, EZ-Links and others
    • Analyze each sales channel by profitability 
    • Analyze all of your data against other like facilities in the same market, the same region, or nationally
      • Revenue Per Round
      • Revenue Per Available Tee-Time
      • Revenue Per Utilized Tee-Time
      • Merchandise Revenue 
      • Etc. 
    • Elevate fact over opinion when it comes to yield management and revenue management
    • Understand the true value of "barter" for services 
    • And More...
    Building your strategic growth of the game plan just got easier. 
  • Sales Strategies supported by Meaningful Data

    The process of selling just got easier
    • Understand where you need to spend your time and attention by sales channel
      • Group Versus Leisure
      • Guest Capture Rate
      • Tour Operators
      • Wholesalers
      • On-Line Sales Agents
      • Tee-Time Aggregators such as GolfNow, EZ Links and others
    • Visualize which sales channels are producing best results in terms of gross revenue and profit.
      • Understand the impact of wholesale rates and how they grow your business
      • Understand if increasing your rates will negatively impact your gross sales and net profit
      • Allocate the time and attention of your key sales people more effectively 
    • Benchmark your sales success or challenges against your comp-set.
    • Work more effectively with the Golf Operations Team