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Here's Where I Got It Wrong

golf financeLearning to Speak the Language

I have had the pleasure (except for a few very long flights and a bout of food poisoning) of traveling to many parts of the world for business.  While I do okay with some basic Spanish, I don’t speak Greek, Mandarin, or Swahili.  Trying to communicate with someone that does not speak the same language is hard.  Being multi-language capable is not only hard but it is a perishable skill.

When I entered the golf industry, I was not a PGA Member, I did not work at a golf course (other than on my short game) and I did not come from a golf family.  I was a true outsider… a foreigner in a sense to the business and industry. Thankfully, over time I learned how to communicate effectively in the industry and the rest they say is history… Sort of…

A few years ago, I left the publishing/media world and joined what you might consider a start-up technology company;  a business intelligence and benchmarking company that is carving out its place in the golf industry. I assumed that my experience, knowledge, and overall understanding of the industry would quickly contribute to the company’s success.

Day one, I felt like I landed in a foreign country where I didn’t speak the language – it was not even a derivative of an Anglo-Saxon language but something very different - this was not golf ---- it was finance… Yikes.  I’m a journalism, advertising and marketing grad from the oldest journalism school in the country – I don’t speak finance…  Here’s where I got it wrong. 

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The Big Benchmarking Argument (for Public Access Golf Courses)

Benchmarking for Public Golf
Perhaps argument is too strong a word. Maybe the title should read "The Big Benchmarking Debate." Either way, I hope this piece will spur some thoughtful discussion in the public golf world.

After 18 months in the benchmarking and business intelligence world, I have met and talked with hundreds of golf course owners, operators and managers and had the opportunity to learn a great deal. Thanks to all of those who have put up with all of my questions…

One of the key discoveries for me was the different perspectives about benchmarking and business intelligence and what I am calling the Big Benchmarking Argument. What I have learned, is that in public golf segment, there are essentially two different camps or perspectives when it comes to benchmarking.

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A Day with Legendary Director of Golf Mike Jones

If you've been in the golf business for any length of time, you've probably heard the name Mike Jones.  Mike is not only an award winning PGA Golf Professional—he is also a great mentor, coach and I believe a true visionary. 

Mike recently joined the executive team at Nemacolin Woodlands to lead the next phase in the life of this amazing resort. I traveled to Nemacolin to meet with Mike, spend a little time talking shop and getting the rare chance to play.  The company and the conversation could not have been better, the course was fantastic and I was reminded once again that a good short game only comes with practice. What I like most about my visits with Mike is what I learn about the golf business.

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Welcome To Links Insight

Welcome, my name is Kirk Pagenkopf, the co-founder and ceo of Links Insight.  This is the first of what will be many blog posts from myself but also from others in the company, and hopefully from you - experts in the industry.  This blog is designed to be an open forum where we will share original thoughts and ideas, share what we think are relevant data points in the area of business intelligence, and a place to share some best practices as expressed by our members and customers.
Links Insight was founded for the purpose of providing a unified and standardized methodology for gathering, analyzing, reporting and understanding data.  Links Insight is a tool for the individual facility owner/operator, as well as, the largest mutli-course owners and management companies.  Links Insight (LI) has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of each of our primary markets - Resorts - Daily Fee - Municipal and Military Golf Facilities.  If you are a private club, then we have a solution for you - our sister company, Club Benchmarking.  

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