Daily Fee & Links Insight

Daily Fee / Municipal and Links Insight

Managing a daily fee or municipal golf course has never been tougher.  The dynamic nature of the golf business requires operators and managers to work harder than ever and the competitive nature of the golf business has never been greater.  Click Here to Learn Now Links Insight Benefits each member of your team.

To meet the needs of the single owner/operator, daily fee golf course and the municipal golf course manager, Links Insight worked closely with some of the industry’s best and brightest and created a platform that works equally as well for the single course as it does for the multi-course owner or management company. 

Standardizing the way data is gathered, recorded, reported and analyzed not only helps the course operators but also helps to define the very complex nature of the market for the industry. 

Comp-Set analysis has never been easier.  Compare your overall facility performance to others in your local market, region or the industry and identify key areas for growth in revenue or reduction in costs

  • Compare specific metrics like;
    • Profit & Loss by department
    • Sales Channels – learn which channels of distribution are your most profitable and how your facility's performance compare against others in the market for the same channels
    • Revenue per round – a standard industry metric but with Links Insight you get a broader and deeper analysis
    • Utilization of your course versus your comp set
    • Compensation
    • Maintenance Costs
    • Etc.
  • One-Click Reporting – with Links Insight you get the advantage of one-click reporting that auto-generates a myriad of reports exclusive to your facility and plots your performance against the universe or a defined filtered set.  

With Links Insight you access the wisdom of the industry and are apply that wisdom to your own individual facility management.